Yoga Bites – Eka Hasta Bujasana

Tips on Eka Hasta Bujasana (Elephant’s Trunk pose)


  1. Start from seated. Get your leg onto your shoulder as high as possible. You can start by opening up the hips in Double Pigeon or Gecko pose first
  2. Press your arm back into your thigh so you leg stays on you arm
  3. Squeeze your knee to your arm so your leg does not slide down
  4. Plant your hands on the floor slightly forward of your hips. Think Chaturanga arms
  5. Spread your fingers wide. Full palms on the floor
  6. Lean your body weight forward. Try to make your upper body as short as possible by rounding forward
  7. Pull your lower belly in and up. Draw your hips back and up. Press your hands and lift
  8. Straighten your straight leg as much as possible and contract your quadricep muscle to lift the leg
  9. Hold and breath

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