Tips – What to look out for when buying wholesale yoga mats


If you are looking to buy yoga products in bulk, it’s important to determine which type of wholesale you are going for:

  • Wholesale for the purpose of re-sale
  • Wholesale for the purpose of using

Wholesale for the purpose of re-sale

After determining the usual, like minimum order (MOQ), wholesale price, there are some other areas to look in to.

If your intent is to resell then it’s important that your wholesale products are nicely packaged. Because you are going to be selling these products on to make a profit it’s important that they look good.

Secondly it is common that you as a retailer are allowed to charge 20-30% more than the recommended retail price from the wholesaler. This is to cover your shipping costs, import tax and clearance tax – if applicable to you.

And finally ask what the return policy is. Some wholesalers offer a one to one exchange on damaged products. Others may allow you to exchange the product with something else if it does not move. At MADANA, we offer this option. We call it Wholesale with the option of exchange. We usually set a minimum sale period of 6 months to give the product the chance to sell.

Thereafter if some items are just not moving, we give wholesalers the flexibility to exchange it with an item that does. Although it is important that the item is in good condition of course.

In addition MADANA also assist retailers with free display furniture and marketing collateral. This is usually chargeable by most wholesalers.

Wholesale for the purpose of using

If you are buying yoga products in bulk for your new studio, office or upgrading your old set packaging is not as important. At MADANA, we offer an additional 3% discount if you do not need packaging. Save the trees & reduce plastic we say!

customised yoga mat
You also may want to get your own studio logo for branding purposes. This way students will see your logo as they practice on the mat.

Alternatively, if you are buying in bulk for corporate
gifts or for your office, placing the
company logo or slogan on the mat is great for reinforcement of
your company’s values.

MADANA does customised branding onto yoga mats and other yoga equipment at low minimums so you won’t need to fork out an arm and a leg to get it.

Drop us an email to find out more!

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