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Since our TMTs (Towel+Mat+Travel) sold out, we know many of you have been waiting to get your hands on new stock. Unfortunately, the TMTs won’t be in stock at the moment because we’ve got something else waiting in line – our NEW travel mat, The Traveller!

The Traveller :: Sea-Sky-Scapes series features images of the sea, and sky scapes for nature lovers, or anyone who can’t get enough of the sun, sea, and sand. We want you to help choose what comes to our store next so there are 5 designs for you to vote from and the most popular design(s) will be picked for our new mat series! How awesome is that?!

How to Vote?
Vote by giving your “Like” on your favourite print in our Facebook album – The Traveller Mat :: Sea-Sky-Scapes. So start voting now if you want to gaze at your favourite print right under you on your new mat! Voting ends in around end of September.

Huge discount on Pre-Orders!
Pre-orders will start after voting closes, so remember to check back on our website and Facebook from 1st Oct onwards for the special pre-order price. We’ll be announcing this deal but there’s limited stock for pre-orders before price jumps back to the regular retail price of SGD79, so don’t miss this chance.

More about the Mat
For those who have no clue on what we are rambling on about, our travel mat series is designed for the active yogi, who likes to travel wherever with a mat in hand.  Composed of natural rubber on one side and a microfibre suede layer on the other, this mat is extremely versatile – it can be rolled up or kept folded in your bag.

The difference between the TMTs and The Traveller series is the cloth layer. The Traveller features a suede-like microfibre layer with brilliant photo prints; the more you perspire, the better it grips. Suitable for both regular yoga and hot yoga – use either side depending on your practice.

Are you excited yet?! Cos we are!

Material: Biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural rubber with reversible microfibre suede layer, water based inks

Travel Mat Print Series


fotographEY by Eric Yip

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