Foam vs Cork: What’s the best yoga block for you?

Yoga blocks are the best yoga accessory to help yogis get into any challenging yoga pose. Yoga blocks provide the support and balance you need to condition the body, and let you find deeper relaxation during restorative yoga poses. Don’t let tight hamstrings discourage you from pushing down further.

There are several kinds of yoga blocks available. Each type of yoga blocks have their benefits. But what’s the best yoga block for you?

Depending on your level, you’ll need the appropriate yoga block to support your yoga pose. Here are the differences in the two most commonly used yoga blocks: Foam and Cork yoga block.

Foam Yoga Block

The most popular kind of yoga block, the foam yoga block is the one most commonly used in yoga studios. It’s affordable and usually comes in a variety of colours. Foam yoga blocks are best for yogis looking for versatility and convenience.

Foam Yoga Block French Blue

For the mobile yogi who moves around, the foam yoga block is the best choice for you. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in your bag as you zip around.

Cork Yoga Block

Yogis who are looking for a yoga block that is great for balancing, the cork yoga block is a better choice than any other yoga blocks. The cork yoga block is denser and sturdier than foam yoga blocks. Thus, a cork yoga block gives the yogi more confidence in achieving yoga poses.

Cork Block

Cork yoga blocks are slightly heavier than foam yoga blocks. However, if you’re looking for a yoga block with excellent support and grip for yoga practice, the cork yoga block is the best choice for any yoga warrior.

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